About Us

Mission: To widespread the concept of “ Trash for Tree”
Vision: Household food waste processor is an indispensable electrical appliance

NovaTech Company Limited (NovaTechEnviro)

NovaTech Company Limited (NovaTechEnviro) established a new brand (NOVA) in 2017, has been engaged in promoting our Self R&D FOOD WASTE PROCESSOR, and the prototypes has been implement in 2020.

We commence the fund raising in Crowd Funding in Indiegogo at May 2022.

The tremendous growth in waste logistic implies the high consumption of natural resources. It is shocking to learn from the Hong Kong government figures that more than 3500 tonne of food waste accounting for 40% of municipal waste were disposed in landfill everyday, which generates a heavy burden to our waste management system and landfill. Also, the odor of organic food waste creates nuisance to the citizens who live close the landfill area.

Hong Kong does not have a proper system to process our food waste in efficiency nowadays. Therefore, we introduce a food waste processor from Korea in 2015. We would like to employ the experience of Korea in reducing burden of landfill area, and arise the awareness of food waste management in community as well as the recycling of food waste in Hong Kong.,