Smart Processing Performance

Food waste that contains moisture that is 1/10th of the original mass. The resulting waste is easily disposed of once a month.

Smart Energy Saving Capability

ESACS (Electricity Saving Auto Control System)
Smart Cara saves energy through a revolutionary use of sensors that automatically measure food waste volume and by periodically checking dehydratoin levels, saving both time and energy.

Smart Deodorization

Food waste processing can create unpleasant odors. Smart Cara optimally combines multiple carbon filters to eliminate foul smells.

Smart Components & Design

The mouth of the food waste processing chamber is wide and detaches from the main unit, allowing for easy filling, processing, and cleaning. Smart Cara is compact, unobstrusive and looks great on counter top. Smart Cara doesn’t need any installation-simply plug it in and fill it up.

Various Competitors using different methods

Pulverizations and Dehydration In-Sink Disposer Compositing Dehydration only
Processing type Heat+Air (convection) Pulverized and disposed through sink and sewage system Microorganisms Dry Heat
Volumne Reduction Reduced by an Avf. of 80% Currently banned Reduced by an Avdg. of 95% Reduced by an avg. of 50%
Processing time Avg. 3-4 hours Currently banned 24 hours or more 15 hours or more
Power Consumption (hourly) 250W/h Currently banned 83.7W/h 90W/h
Power Consumption 4 x 250 = 1KW Currently banned 24 x 83.7 = 2KW 15 x 90 = 1.35KW
Deodorization Multiple Carbon filters Currently banned One charcoal filter
Resulting Food Waste Pulverized, dry powder Currently banned Original form maintained (Waste has only been dehydrated)