Warranty Registration

Guarantee Certificate

*If user cannot present the certificate and original purchase receipt/invoice, repair service will be chargeable basis.

*If the product is redeemed gift, where no receipt/invoice is presented by the user, the certificate will only be valid if it bears the chop of redemption center and date of collection.

  •  Service Enquiry : service@novatechenviro.com.hk
  • Hong Kong Service Hotline : +852 2743 1118
  • Hong Kong Customer Service Centre : Rm. 142, 1/F., Federal Plaza, 469-471 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

We guarantee to offer the user of ‘ Smart Cara’ food waste processor one year free conditional service within the limit of the following conditions:

Standard Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. For any defect which in the judgment of our technician is caused under normal use, we are responsible for the repairing or replacing parts (except enclosure, consumable parts, connecting cables and repairing or replacing of other external connecting cables) of the said ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor free of charge within one year free guarantee period commencing from the date of purchase. Any defective which has been replaced shall become our property.
  2. Free guarantee service will not be provided to the said ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor if (a) it has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with or altered, or repaired in any way by persons other than technicians of our company, or (b) it has been damaged through misuse, improper operation, negligence, accident, liquid ingress, insets, foreign body intrusion, external factors or natural calamities, or (c) it has become malfunction as caused by power interruption or abnormal voltage input, or (d) NovaTechEnviro / NovaTech Co., Ltd. has not been promptly informed of any change of address or ownership of the said ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor.
  3. If a part is damaged from using non- ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor consumable or accessories, parts replacement will be chargeable.
  4. The guarantee certificate does not cover labor and materials charged for replacing consumable items stated in operating instruction manual, such as Eco-filters.
  5. Guarantee Certification will only be valid when the date of purchase corresponds with that of the original purchase receipt/invoice.
  6. For the office hour of customer service center, , please call hot-line (852) 2743 1118 or visit www.novatechenviro.com.hk. Service may be suspended without prior notice due to typhoon or rain storm.
  7. Any guarantee certificate other than this will not be recognized by our company.
  8. This guarantee certificate is valid only Hong Kong and Macau.
  9. Please keep this guarantee certificate and present it together with original purchase receipt/invoice to our technician for verification when service is rendered.
  10. In case repair service is needed, the user will be responsible for the transportation of the ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor to and from our service center.
  11. This guarantee certificate is valid only for ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor sold through NovaTechEnviro / NovaTech Company Ltd.
  12. The above Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice or obligation. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

We (Novatech Co., Ltd.) reserve the right to interpret the terms and conditions hereinabove.

Disputation: Should any dispute arise which related to website: www.novatechenviro.com.hk The decision of Novatech Co., Ltd. Should be final.


*Not applicable for consumable products e.g. Eco-filters

The ‘Smart Cara’ products (except the consumable products for example: Eco-filters) offer 1-year conditional free warranty service. Please register at our company web site within 7 days from the data of purchase. An original invoice must be presented upon request of warranty service. For any inquiry, please email to cs@novatechenviro.com.hk.

We encourage to register the warranty service via on-line service in order to use less paper and reduce carbon dioxide in our mailing service of transportation.