Frequently Asked Questions

Approximate 0.5 kwh, may vary to the food waste volume and water content

The Eco-filters should be changed when some odor are smell. It usually be changed around 2-3 months. (Both Eco-filters must be changed simultaneously).
*frequency may vary for your consumption.

The maximum processing weight is 1.5-2 KG, (The recommend weight is 1KG)

The average operation time for 1 KG food waste is 3 hours, (it may vary for the content of food waste)

Absolutely not, the ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor dries the food waste with hight temperature, grinds as well. The processed food waste can reduce the size and weight of original by 1/10. And those food waste can be directly used as fertilizer.

The ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor can handle about 90% of our food waste, either the cooked or raw meat and vegetable. Also, the processor can process the bones of chickens, low density and small bones such as pork ribs, fishes and shell of seafood.

It is the merit of ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor having a detachable trash can. The trash can can be cleaned by tap water with detergent and soft washing clothes.
*Don’t clean the tray can with souring pad, it will scrape the coating of the can.
*The can should be dried by a soft dry clothes before reinstall to the main unit of food waste proc

This is an improper operation of the food waste processor. It is not only incurring the malfunction of the microprocessor in the circuit board, but also, the discharge of odor will hassle the others.

No. the ‘Smart Cara’ food waste processor can implement automatically

The food waste processor should store in a dry, ventilation and cool place. It should prevent to be direct sunlight. To place and operate the processor on a stable platform.